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Love Wins

Candle name: Love Wins
Scent: Pink Champagne 
Stones: Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine 
Hand poured 100 percent natural food grade soy, scented with Essential oils designed to release fragrance naturally 
Hand selected 100 percent raw Healing crystals harnessed from the best orefields within the earth’s core.

Stone Efficacy: 

  • Green Aventurine the stone for heart healing. This stone brings peace and stillness by creating balance. This stone dispels attachments and helps to release old patterns, habits and disappointments creating space for more love, more balance and deeper healing.

  • Rose Quartz helps to usher in unconditional love at its purest form. This stone helps with restoring compassion, harmony, trust and forgiveness within your self first then others. This stone purifies your heart space allowing room to give and receive love beyond limits.
  • Add this candle during reflection or meditation sessions.

  • Carry or wear the stones afterwards to continue to benefit  


  • Approx. 32 hour burn time


                                      Cotton Wicks for even burn


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